You’re invited to Sister Pitch 2021!

Global Sisters has supported more than 5000 Australian women on their business journeys. Now we are challenging 25 of Australia’s leading CEOs and senior executives to help us on our 5 year journey to see 17,000 new female-led micro businesses!

Global Sisters exists to make business possible for women from all walks of life, enabling them to be financially resilient and stand tall. We provide a genuine alternative for women who are unable to participate in mainstream employment or access decent, sustainable work.

Women have disproportionately been impacted by the economic effects of COVID, however, women’s micro business is an unsung hero and powerhouse of our economy, propping up thousands of Australian families and communities. Investing in women’s micro business represents a unique and powerful opportunity to create new businesses, new jobs and contribute to economic recovery. To date our wonderful corporate partners have stood up to #BackHerBrilliance by providing over $2.6 million in pro bono coaching and business support transferred directly to emerging women-led micro businesses.

To create new jobs & improve women’s economic security, we are inviting leading corporate CEOs and senior executives to join us for our 2021 Sister Pitch on November 9th 2021, from 10 am – 11:30am. You will hear from Mandy Richards, CEO & Founder of Global Sisters as she shares her vision and what has been achieved so far; you will meet some of our Sisters and actively participate in an exclusive business pitch experience by women who have benefited from being part of the GS program, as well as hear from partners who have seen mutual benefit from being part of this powerful journey.

25 CEO’s will each be matched with one Sister who will be pitching her business. Curated groups of 5 CEO’s and their 5 Sisters will move to private breakout rooms where our women founders will pitch their businesses for support via advice, networks and business opportunities.

25 CEO’s x 25 Sisters

Cyana, Founder Camie Fleur x Nicky, CEO Unilever

Fiona, Founder Chocolate on Purpose x Julian, CEO Visa

Asha, Founder Edu-fy x Deanne, Director Weir Anderson