We are thrilled to announce our 2024 Sister Pitch! Hosted by Global Sisters and Dentsu, this event celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit and achievements of our incredible female founders. Twelve passionate Sisters from across Australia will pitch their businesses to a room full of supporters. We can’t wait to see these inspiring women take their businesses to the next level with your support.


Sister Pitch is all about challenging systemic, structural barriers to women’s economic security and advancing gender equality in Australia. The “secret sauce” in Global Sisters’ Sister Pitch is bringing the resources, expertise and connections from leading Australian companies to the table. And when everyone is at the table, magic happens. Find out how you can get involved here

Ginan Tabbouch

Ginan, founder of the first healing Designer Parfum Haus, has created a non-toxic natural parfum that doesn’t disrupt the endocrine system, drawing on her heritage of using parfum for its healing properties. Utilising a frequency device to infuse distilled oils, she crafts wearable scents that offer both pleasing aromas and beneficial effects.

Ginan started her business to provide a healthy alternative to traditional perfumes, which often contain harmful alcohol and toxins. Witnessing substance abuse among artists seeking inspiration, she aimed to create a healing parfum that enhances mood and cognitive function without adverse health effects. Her goal is to brand and launch her unique healing parfum globally, ensuring everyone can experience its benefits.

Madhuri Soni
Soni Health

Madhuri founded Soni Health, Australia’s first pharmacist-formulated bioactive blends, to support and empower busy women from the inside out. With years of experience in the health industry, she recognised the toll demanding lifestyles take on women’s health. Inspired by her own experience with burnout, Madhuri has created effective, natural wellness tools that align with her values of integrity and sustainability.

Madhuri’s mission with Soni Health is to educate and empower women to prioritise their health by integrating science and nature. She developed nutrient-rich formulas designed for high-functioning women, aiming to help them achieve optimal health, vitality, and confidence. Through Soni Health, Madhuri not only aspires to improve women’s wellbeing but also to inspire her daughter by pursuing her own dreams and creating a balanced lifestyle

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Fiona harrison 
chocolate on purpose

Chocolate On Purpose is a 100% Indigenous Australian owned business that combines couverture chocolate with Australian native botanicals to create the “Bush Food Chocolate” range.

Their mission is to produce high-quality chocolate for fine chocolate lovers and those committed to ethical sourcing. They obtain Australian native botanicals from Aboriginal communities and sustainable cocoa. Fiona’s wants share the health-giving power of Indigenous botanicals, and the skill of our First Nations People in their traditional use, through the deliciousness and storytelling with chocolate so that Aboriginal peoples are respected for this wisdom and honoured for their culture.

In the future, Fiona plans to invest in equipment to scale her business.

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Nina Deng
Phorus Beauty

Phorus is a skincare brand that specialises in treating hyperpigmentation with scientifically-backed solutions. .

Nina founded Phorus after experiencing personal struggles with hyperpigmentation. She also recognised the potential for Phorus to make a meaningful impact through a give-back model, where each purchase contributes to social causes.

Nina envisions Phorus growing into a global beauty brand, renowned for its exceptional skincare products and commitment to social responsibility. Despite being in the early stages, she sees significant opportunities for Phorus to deliver outstanding beauty solutions while supporting important social initiatives.

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Macarla Church

Macarla Church founded Basera – Your Global Bazaar, to work directly with artisan groups in over 20 developing countries, creating and importing unique, beautiful homewares. Each item is ethically made using traditional methods, with a focus on preserving these age-old crafts. Her dual motivation for starting the business was to establish an ethical platform for artisan crafts and to create an income that supports her family, especially her young boys.

Macarla’s vision for Your Global Bazaar is to generate income and respect for the artisans and their crafts, uplift their communities, and ensure their traditions are preserved and appreciated. Her products are available online and at her beautiful shop in Murwillumbah, NSW.

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Tania Walker
lpo locum

Tania started her business to connect licensed post offices (LPOs) with trained staff, offering short-term recruitment solutions. Her goal is to provide LPOs with the opportunity to take well-deserved breaks, ensuring that staff can maintain a healthy work-life balance. As a strong advocate for wellbeing and mental health, Tania believes that businesses can only remain positive and productive if they have the chance to step away from the daily grind occasionally.

Tania aims to develop a national platform that facilitates easy collaboration between LPOs and trained staff based on location, hourly rate, and reviews. She envisions former corporate Australia Post employees traveling to remote destinations by caravan or motorhome, assisting LPOs while enjoying a change of scenery. This initiative not only supports the LPOs but also offers a unique and fulfilling experience for the traveling staff.

Kim Hutchinson
what unites

Kim founded What Unites to help neurodivergent individuals unmask their brilliance through coaching and peer support, inspired by her own journey of discovering her neurodivergent identity and receiving an autism diagnosis as an adult. Confronted by a system that overlooked her unique qualities and understanding the toll of autistic masking, Kim was motivated to take action.

She envisions What Unites growing into a social enterprise and movement that not only improves wellbeing and creates employment opportunities for neurodivergent individuals but also challenges societal perspectives on inclusivity. Her goal is to advocate for a world where diversity thrives and everyone can contribute their unique gifts authentically.

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catie fry
clovendoe distilling co.

Catie, the Founder and Master Distiller of Clovendoe Distilling Co. in Queensland, established the first Australian distillery to produce low and non-alcoholic distilled spirits.

Recognising the growing sober curious and mindful drinking movement, Clovendoe combines traditional distilling craftsmanship with the finest local and ethically sourced botanicals. Their products are handcrafted and distilled in small batches using a traditional copper pot still, resulting in refined, healthy, and sophisticated alternatives to alcohol.

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Angie poller

Angie’s is business finds its roots in her deeply personal and courageous journey with an incurable condition known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Drawing inspiration from her lived experience, Angie has built Remedii to bring practical solutions to those facing similar challenges. Her passion and dedication shine through in every aspect of her business.

Angie developed a high-quality range of sustainably produced wearable packs that may be used hot or cold to provide pain relief. Perfect for both young and old, her wearable pain relief offers comfort and relief from chronic pain, injuries and discomfort. Angie’s Not-Water-Bottle offers a safe and snuggly alternative to hot water bottle.

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Cyana Duong
Camie Fleur

Cyana is an inspiring young migrant. She is the founder of the for-purpose business, Camie Fleur. Cyana’s twin sister has had a severe disability since birth and is the motivation for her business. 

Camie Fleur is a preserved and artificial flowers brand founded with the primary objective of providing an exquisite alternative to fresh flowers, thereby reducing floral waste and promoting sustainability. Camie Fleur creates everlasting floral gifts and wedding & event decor.

Cyana is on a mission to be the leader in sustainable floristry and event styling. Not only is her business focused on reducing floral waste but aims to build her business as a social enterprise, providing employment for people with disabilities.

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Corina muir
amber days

Corina is a proud Yorta Yorta woman and founder of ethical children’s label, Amber Days. Her children’s clothing ranges are made from original fabrics and collection designs are in collaboration with Aboriginal artists. She produces her garments and is growing her team with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, refugee and migrant women, because she believes women are the leading forces behind healthy communities and society.

Corina is passionate about being environmentally responsible and using non toxic dyes.

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Ira Puspita

Ira founded Kayu & Co in 2021 with the hope that she can help remote artisans’ communities in preserving their cultural heritage and nature. Her goal is to uplift remote artisans’ communities who are handcrafting natural products as means to preserve their culture. However, they cannot sustain their livelihood by only selling locally in their villages. Thus, Ira’s mission is to let the world appreciate and purchase these beautiful artisanal products.

Sustainability and ethical production is central to Kayu & Co. From the circular economy design of fully compostable, long-lasting products to utilising waste of wood and coconut fibre that would otherwise end up in landfill or burnt, and preserving the local forests and environment.

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Watch this video from our first sister pitch in 2018 – where it all started!

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