Who We Are

Global Sisters exists to enable women to be financially independent and stand tall. We provide a genuine alternative for women who are unable to participate in mainstream employment. By removing the barriers they commonly face, we make self-employment a viable option.

What We Do

We provide women with the tools, networks and resources to establish or grow a business.

Every journey is as unique as the Sister we support. Each woman will start at a different point on the business development roadmap but they’ll all access the right support, at the right time, every step of the way.

Our approach embraces four essential facets, collectively allowing our Sisters to harness their potential and accelerate an idea into a thriving business.

  1. Business know-how: Sister School is a practical business education program that enables women to get a business off the ground and our business coaching program provides business education and development support.
  2. Marketing and Sales: We provide product and service development support, a business directory and marketing tools as well as a variety of sales channels and opportunities including corporate and pop-up markets. and our online store ‘The Market’.
  3. Microfinance: We provide affordable, accessible and safe micro-loans to kick-start their business and will be providing appropriate micro-insurance to protect their business.
  4. Technology: Our technology platform is essential for reaching women far and wide.

Our Model

Global Sisters is a global innovation and an Australian first. Our model is a market led and technology based solution for women who want to start up or grow a business.

We’re addressing the gap in our society where women who are financially excluded or face barriers due to their circumstances have limited and limiting options. We are offering a better alternative to low income employment and welfare through a flexible, innovative solution that harnesses the potential of women as entrepreneurs.

As an organisation, we’re committed to sustainability through the development of income streams and leveraging technology together with community partnerships to scale up.

Who We Support

“Global Sisters has helped me stand tall as a woman” (Tigi, Sister).

Our Sisters are women who are motivated to be financially independent.

We focus our support on women due to the powerful ripple effect that flows from women with increased financial choice and resources. We have a specific focus on refugees, migrants, indigenous Australians, at-risk youth, single mothers, and the long term unemployed.

Our Impact on the World

When a Sister is financially independent, she is free to make positive choices for herself, her family and community. She has the confidence to mentor other Sisters and provide leadership in her community. She is able to stand tall. We call this the ripple effect.

Global Sisters Annual Report 2019

We’d Love to Hear from You!

If you have any questions or want to lend a hand, contact us at Hello@GlobalSisters.org