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We are a sisterhood. Standing with you at every step and supported by our incredible community.

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Regardless of your stage of business, industry or the size of your vision we offer all the support you need to start and grow your business – for FREE.

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Find what’s right for you


Find or refine the ‘big idea’ you want to turn into a business.

Sister School

Get ‘business launch ready’ before taking it to the world.

First 10 Customers

One-on-one coaching to accelerate your business.

Coaching circles

Deep dive on a business topic with small groups over 4 weeks.

Workshops & events

Pick and choose online events to suit your business journey.

Tailored Programs

Tailored programs for specific groups.


Start selling on our marketplace for national exposure.

financial pathways

Unlock products and services designed for micro business.

Legal Advice

Free legal business referral advice for Sisters when they need it.

Specialised Sister Support

Tailored business support when it’s needed most.

Our Sister celeste says

Sister School was non-judgemental and nothing was too hard or too difficult. Everyone was in the same boat, we were all putting our ideas forward. I found it very warm, uplifting, encouraging.

Our Sister Yoko says

I recommend Sister School to women who want to start a business, because it gave me this hope and experience and opportunity and I could do it! It gave me the ‘Ah!’ feeling and opened my mind – And you can do it too!

Our Sister Joanne says

The ‘My Big Idea’ workshop focused on my interests and talents in such a visual and nurturing way. It was all new for me, I was realising things that I hadn’t previously realised. I had never done any learning about myself, from that point of view, and it was so encouraging.

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