The support you need to start your own business is right here.

We understand the barriers faced in mainstream employment particularly for women with a disability.

Which is why we offer a one-stop-shop network of support to help you start-up and grow your own business and earn flexible income on your own terms.

We’re an inclusive and accessible not-for-profit organisation, whose mission is to create flexible and sustainable ways for women to earn an income in ways that work for them.

Join our incredible community of diverse women who are starting, growing and thriving in their own businesses. 

Our inclusive and supportive community is one of a kind. We’re here to help ALL women have access to the specific support they need to turn their business vision into a reality. 

We help make business possible!

We exist to unlock the potential in EVERY woman to run her own business, and own her economic future. We remove barriers so ALL women can become a female-founder and earn income in a way that suits them.

Thousands of Australian women turn to our support each year to fuel their business dreams. 

We’re online, we’re inclusive, accessible, and here to help you build your own business. 

Whether you are working on your big idea, or ready to start or grow your own business – we’re here to help you succeed. For FREE!

Are you a woman with a business idea, an existing business or a desire to have one?

We’re a one-stop-shop for business education and support. Our tailored programs, extensive business, industry network, and inclusive community are designed to meet you where you are, in your current and future entrepreneurial journey. 

We’re more than just programs. We offer coaching, industry connections and pathways to incredible partnerships. 

And it’s all FREE!

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Our Programs

Or, feeling ready to dive in, sign up to start an online program today.  

My Big Idea

Find or refine the ‘big idea’ you want to turn into a business.

Sister School

Get your business foundation right with this 8 module course.


Set up an immediate, user friendly digital presence for making sales.


We believe that with the right support we can ALL thrive in business.  

There are few communities as supportive as ours. And when you surround yourself with the right people, anything is possible. 

When ALL women are given the skills, access, connections and support they so often miss out on, there is no stopping them. They break down barriers, force change, and move us all on. They start-up and grow businesses, lift up communities, and make the economy a more equitable and inclusive place. 

Everyday we #BackHerBrilliance by empowering, elevating, funding and advocating for her. For incredible things happen when you back women.

Frequently asked questions

Is this really FREE? 

YES. Our support and expertise is second to none, and will always be free. We’re an inclusive not-for-profit organisation who have been helping make business possible for Australian women facing barriers to mainstream employment since 2016. We’ve helped over 5,500 women already with their own business needs, all completely FREE. We want to help more women, to unlock their full potential, and invite you to connect with us today. 

Is this for ME?

We exist to unlock the potential in EVERY woman to run their own businesses, and own their economic future. We understand all too well the barriers many face in mainstream employment, which is further pronounced for women with disabilities. 

Which is why we are here to help, with tailored support to help you launch and grow your own business, and build your pathway to economic participation and financial success. All in an area that is aligned to your interest, capabilities and passions, and in a way that works for you.  

Thousands of Australian women turn to our support each year to fuel their business dreams. We’re online, inclusive and accessible, and here to help you build your own business. 

Is this online or face to face? What do I need to get started? 

We’re completely online, and our extensive network of support is all digitally based too. All you need is a smartphone or laptop with internet access. 

(PS there are often opportunities to meet face to face too!) 

Are the programs inclusive and accessible?

We offer every woman who needs it, the tools, support and confidence needed to start and run a business. We offer tailored onboarding to ensure you are accessing the right help you need in your own business journey.

All our programs can be self-paced and completed in your own time, in a way that works for you.

Why entrepreneurship?

Beyond the chance to build something of your very own, that aligns to your interests, passions and capabilities, is the ability to earn income in a way that works for you. 

Who are some of Global Sisters’ partners and funders?

Our business education and coaching programs are completely FREE, subsidised by generous philanthropic, Government and corporate supporters. 

Further, in 2023, we’re proud to be working with Google (who have generously provided funding) to support new solutions to economic participation and financial independence for women with disabilities. 

We have a strategic focus to support women with disabilities, because we know from experience that helping you create your own jobs via micro business is often a great alternative to easier way to generate a flexible income that overcomes barriers and circumstances.

Over the next few years, we’re embarking on some groundbreaking systems change work to ensure that all Australian women are provided with flexible income-generating pathways for economic participation and long-term security.