AS SEEN ON MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA: We are so excited & proud of Yoko who has just appeared on MasterChef Australia & wowed the judges and contestants with her best in Australian miso: organic, handmade & fermented for a year!
Yoko says: “I realised my products and services give people excitement and happiness which I think is very important in the community”
Judging from everyone’s reaction at MasterChef you have succeeded in doing just that, Yoko!

“My miso business was born from demand. When I was struggling, I just did what I do normally and so I made miso every year for myself. I took a photo of my miso and posted it on Facebook and one person asked if I could sell them some. That comment opened the door for me. I never thought people would buy my miso – it’s my life work, something I do anyway.

I started my life in Australia with no friends, no connections. I didn’t know anyone apart from my husband. The language barrier was a big issue for me. I just didn’t understand what was going on around me, I felt I wasn’t myself. I tried several jobs and tried my best but that was the Japanese way and it didn’t work in Australia. It was a very dark period.

I’ve always been a hard worker but Global Sisters made my business possible. They are such a strong support, they are there for me when I need them. I recently had competitor issues and I got so panicked, but I know I can be very honest with them. The other sisters are facing similar challenges and they give me a place where I can express my feelings, I can show the vulnerable part of myself. It’s important to understand that business is not always good and to be able to express that.

This miso business solved a lot of the issues I had before. It’s given me such an opportunity to meet people and rebuild my confidence. People ask me about my product and I have real knowledge and interest in it and I can answer them. I have brilliant feedback from my customers. And, also, I earn money. That was all I needed to become myself again.

I now have lots of loyal, regular customers and my stock is getting low because of that! I am trying to make as much miso as possible, but I find it very challenging to plan a year or two ahead.

I recently gave a talk about my business journey and a lot of people in that room told me that I was an inspiration. It’s powerful to hear. I just want this business to work and grow so that I can contribute to Australia’s healthy diet.

Global Sisters is such a powerful community, a team that all aims to do better and make a real social impact. The energy they make is amazing – I’m very proud to be part of it. It makes me feel very strong, like I am not alone, I have other sisters by my side. I feel like I am so loved, this is such a valuable thing, you can’t buy it with money.”

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