Thelma Vlamis

Albury Wodonga Ambassador

Thelma lives in the Albury Wodonga where it’s the perfect base for her outdoor adventure activities, from skiing in the winter to hiking and swimming in summer.  This connects with her love of the environment where she worked for over 4 years before going through a self-discovery process of her own. This led her to create her own business, where she mentors ambitious women who feel stuck and lack passion in their current career, to make the changes in their life, so they can create a career that gives them purpose and fulfillment. Thelma believes that clarity breeds confidence and once you have the missing information and know where to place your energy, you’re unstoppable.

With over 5 years of experience studying and researching the human condition, whilst working with clients on a 1:1 bases, Thelma has an in depth understanding of how to get you from feeling stuck to gaining clarity, motivated, excited, and taking action towards what you truly want in life.  We all have that idea we would love to move towards and feel scared, guilty, procrastinate, or overwhelmed with how to get started. “When you have clarity, structure, and massive self-awareness, of why you do the things you do in life,  you can change things up so you achieve different results. Working with me is all about taking a deep dive into re-discovering who you are and reinventing yourself so that you have more purpose and passion in life.”

Thelma is excited about the Ambassador role at Global Sisters. She feels grateful to be part of this incredible community and to offer women in the country the opportunity to grow their Big Idea into a successful business.