Nicole Eckels

Co-Founder and Creative Director, Sapphire Group Glasshouse Fragrances & Circa Home

Fragrance aficionado Nicole Eckels launched Glasshouse Fragrances in 2006 from a spark of imagination and a belief in the power of fragrance to transform the everyday.  Since its launch nearly a decade ago, Glasshouse Fragrances has quickly grown to become a leading brand in the Australian fragrance market.

Born and raised in New York, Nicole got her start as a Makeup Artist at SACS Fifth Avenue. After a stint in San Francisco in Corporate Business and Sales, Nicole recognised she needed a new challenge and flew to the sunny shores of Australia with her son, looking for a sea change. It was in Australia that Nicole says she found her true calling.

While shopping in David Jones to replace a beloved candle purchased in New York City, Nicole couldn’t find what she was looking for. Noting both the high end brands from Europe, and non-fragranced low-end brands, Nicole saw a clear gap in the market and out of that moment, Glasshouse Fragrances was born.

Glasshouse Fragrances is now the leading fragrance brand in David Jones and has grown to become a local and international favourite. More recently, the Sapphire Group extended their brand portfolio with the launch of Circa Home, continuing Nicole’s quest to meet the needs of every consumer.

To this day, Nicole remains passionate about self-belief and determination, and it’s her mission to assist those who believe in themselves to reach their potential by sharing practical advice and experience. She advises entrepreneurs to remember starting a business is a marathon, not a sprint: sustained hard effort and work over time equal results.

When she needs a little extra inspiration, Nicole remembers her favourite quote: Figure out what you love doing, and then dream up a way to make a living doing it.

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