Mirabai Winford

Purebaby Organic

Mirabai Winford has always been inspired by nature, believing the natural environment is one of our greatest treasures and nurtures our health and wellbeing. When her first child was born, Mirabai’s value for nature deepened; she searched for clothing that was organic and gentle for her newborn’s sensitive skin but was unable to find many options. She discovered other parents on the same search and so she was inspired to find a solution – Purebaby was born.
For Mirabai, one of the greatest challenges of running her own business is keeping the balance between her work and home life. But despite the long hours, one of the best things is being able to have a sustainable and ethical business practice where she knows her staff, working in India, are treated well and love what they do.
Her top piece of advice for another woman starting a business? Trust your instincts, do your research and make sure you have as much information as possible to plan and execute.
Outside the Purebaby office, Mirabai is a dedicated wife to Sanjay and mum to Samara (15) and Oliver (8). Her family are a constant source of support and she hopes her children will adopt the dedicated work ethic she has tried hard to instil in them!
Mirabai feels passionately about supporting Global Sisters; being able to share all her business learnings with socioeconomically disadvantaged women, to help accelerate their business ideas and dreams. She believes that to come from a position of disadvantage but have the courage and passion to pursue the dream of running a business and achieve financial independence, is incredible.
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