Mary Giordano

North Melbourne Ambassador

Mary is a community development practitioner and educator with fifteen years’ experience working to support the capacity development of women at risk of marginalisation. Much of Mary’s work has been to support refugee and migrant women and their families during their settlement in Australia. Although this work has always been meaningful, it has also often been challenging working with people during what is often a very disempowering time. As such, Mary is excited to bring her skills and experience to Global Sisters to support women in the North of Melbourne to become financially resilient and well connected within their communities and therefore to feel empowered as they go about starting or growing their own business.
Mary herself also has a small business, madreluna, within which she works as a doula (professional birth attendant), independent childbirth educator & mentor and circle facilitator. Mary has travelled extensively around the world, speaks several languages and considers herself a lifelong learner.