Mary-Anne Scully

Accelerator Lead, Hume

As a key member of our team in the Hume Region of Victoria, Mary-Anne Scully gets to do what she loves – working with and supporting businesses, government agencies and NGOs that are striving to make a positive difference in regional Australia.

Initially trained as a broadcast journalist, Mary-Anne’s background means she is particularly adept at identifying and communicating great stories, understanding what drives business success, and pursuing social change.

She later opted to study environmental management because she wanted to help businesses translate complex technical information into terms that could motivate people to care for, manage and protect the natural environment.

Throughout her career since, Mary-Anne has drawn upon these combined skills to develop campaign and communication resources for many sectors, including agriculture, vocational education and public health.

In her work with Global Sisters, Mary-Anne is encouraging entrepreneurship in regional Victoria, and is also developing social impact assessment skills to help businesses and organisations better understand the strategic value and outcomes of their work.