Marnie Reiffel

Membership Services

Marnie is a passionate and ambitious individual proudly calling the BEaUtiful Whitsundays home. With a diverse background in small business development, finance, administration and coaching, Marnie possesses a unique skill set to help individuals in business and life.

From a young age, Marnie embraced her entrepreneurial spirit by establishing her first business in the café, catering, and restaurant industry. This hands-on experience provided her with a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in managing and growing a successful business.

Continuously seeking growth, knowledge and to enhance her ability to assist others, Marnie has pursued various certifications throughout her career. As a certified Root Cause Therapist, NLP practitioner, Business, Life and Wellness coach, she has empowered countless individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve personal and professional growth.

Driven by her passion for supporting women, Marnie founded The Power of Gratitude Project and Real Amazing Women (RAW) online retreat. Through these platforms, she creates transformative experiences to promote holistic well-being.

As an independent mother to three teenage daughters, Marnie deeply understands the challenges of balancing solo parenting responsibilities while building business and striving for financial independence. She is dedicated to helping women recognise their worth, know their value and accomplish their potential. This is why Global Sisters’ mission to create economic opportunities for all women resonates strongly with her, as she believes every woman has the right to shape her own economic future.

Marnie is an advocate for breaking down barriers, driving change, and empowering women to thrive. She wholeheartedly embraces her role in Global Sisters Member Services team, where she dedicates herself to serving and supporting women on their business journey, in achieving financial independence and creating brighter futures for themselves and their families.