Luisa Bruce

Marketplace Coordinator

Coming from Colombia, South America, Luisa is a passionate advocate of social causes, and sustainability. She moved to Australia to study a masters of fashion entrepreneurship at the University of RMIT, seeking to contribute to businesses that have an ethical component in their mission, and values.

Moreover, she holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and great experience working with international organisations. This, helped her to understand the operation of a company in different environments, and its connection with the world.

She has also worked with different marketplaces in the US, and Europe supporting Australian Fashion brands in trading their products, and increasing revenue. In addition to that, she possesses knowledge in stock management, merchandising, e-commerce, and a mindset of making things happen.

Luisa loves to travel and get to know new places, and cultures. She likes to spend time going on adventures while listening to stories people she meets along the way have to tell. Her interest in ethical and sustainable businesses, traveling and cultural diversity were the reasons she chose to make Australia her new home, and now joined the community of Global Sisters.