Kylie Petts

Visual Storyteller

Kylie has a background in the travel industry but when her husbands job moved them over seas she became a trailing spouse raising her kids in the Pacific and Asia. The combination of not being able to work whilst living overseas as well as the passion to document her children as they grew and changed drove her to purchase her first camera in 2014.

This new found hobby quickly became an obsession as she strived to understand all things technical and emotional in the photographic realm, enrolling in an online course and devouring anything photography related. This in addition to hours of ‘practice’ on hers and her friends kids allowed her style to evolve and grow as one that aims to capture authentic images that evoke an emotion.

‘As a photographer I aim to capture an emotion and a feeling in my images – I don’t want people to just look at one of my images I want them to feel, smile and wonder when viewing them’.

Kylie now captures our beautiful sisters across Australia