Joeline Hackman

Sustainable Housing Lead

Joeline is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in business, marketing, communications, advocacy, and community outreach. 

As the Sustainable Housing Lead at Global Sisters, she pioneers a pilot program providing housing opportunities for women escaping domestic violence, aiming to break intergenerational poverty cycles and fostering economic independence.

Drawing from her extensive background, Joeline approaches this role with a holistic perspective, recognising the vital intersectionality between environmental sustainability, community development, and social justice.

Her past endeavours, including co-founding the nurses charity ‘Feed Our Medics’ and running as an Independent Candidate for State Election, showcase her tenacity, community engagement and resource mobilisation skills.

Passionate about purpose-driven initiatives, Joeline’s strategic acumen and collaborative spirit position her as a catalyst for positive transformation in sustainable housing for women working toward economic independence. 
Her founding role in Northern Beaches War On Waste and membership in Northern Beaches Council’s Environmental Strategic Reference Group, underscores her commitment to community engagement, sustainability and driving positive change.

With a keen focus on empowerment, resilience, and inclusive solutions, Joeline is committed to creating a supportive and nurturing environment where women affected by domestic violence can find safety, stability, and hope for a brighter future in their very own sustainable home.