Jessica Santosa

Accelerator Lead, Sydney

Jessica Santosa is a highly experienced Social Worker in the various fields of Child Protection, Early Intervention, mentoring and developing social education programs, and non-profit fundraising. She has worked in government and the NGO sector for the past 8 years. She graduated from a Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) degree from the University of Sydney in 2010, driven by a need to understand why women in Asia entered the sex industry. She has volunteered with Daughters of Cambodia, teaching English to survivors of sex trafficking.

Her passion for the economic empowerment, financial literacy and independence of women grew during her fundraising years for NGOs, this curiosity about business leading her to start The Comfort Blog ( Jessica turned her blog into an international coaching business for Christian singles, educating both genders about romance and healthy relationships in the US, UK, Albania, Canada, Singapore and Australia. Jessica also came second in the NSW Australian Poetry Slam Finals in 2012, and went on to perform and teach Spoken Word Poetry all over Australia with Word Travels and Red Room Poetry, releasing her first collection of poetry in 2015.

Jessica firmly believes in the power of creative and social entrepreneurship to create sustainable social change. Having come from an Indonesian family of entrepreneurs, she has witnessed first-hand how business can transform poverty into wealth and lasting empowerment. Jessica is incredibly excited to join the movement at Global Sisters and start educating a new generation of women about business.