Gershon Nimbalker

Policy and Advocacy Advisor

Gershon has a decade of experience working in advocacy, policy and research centred on issues of social justice. He has been the creator and lead author of the Ethical Fashion Report and the Ethical Electronics Guide, world leading research that examined the practices of corporations around the world to mitigate the risk of slavery and exploitation; he has led and grown grass roots movements to campaign against poverty and labour rights violations; he has worked with many of Australia’s largest companies to improve labour rights in their supply chains; and he has authored policy reports on child and maternal health, water and sanitation and Australia’s contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Gershon is passionate about seeing the vulnerable empowered, and seeing people and communities mobilised to end injustice. He has degrees in Business and Commerce, and a Masters in Social Change and Development (with Merit) from the University of Newcastle. 

Gershon is passionately crafting sustainable housing models tailored to empower women.