Diem Fuggersberger

Berger Ingredients

Diem Fuggersberger is a Vietnamese businesswoman who has experienced the true highs and lows of running a business. Her unique story is inspirational and a testament to Diem’s strength, skill and spirit which has seen her go from losing a $27million business to bouncing back to launch a specialist food business, Berger Ingredients. All the while bringing up two children!
Diem and her husband lead Berger Ingredients’ team to deliver innovative food ingredients and nutritious children’s meals.
Leaving Vietnam as a refugee when she was seven years old, Diem and her family came to Australia with nothing; not even a word of English. But her parents instilled ‘old fashioned family values’ and a positive work ethic in Diem and encouraged her to be determined and take risks.
Diem has been faced with numerous challenges in her life that have made her grow as a person. She compares the loss of her business to becoming a refugee again; starting from scratch. Diem has a steadfast belief that having faith and working hard will ultimately lead to positive karma and reward.
Her favourite things about running her own business are putting her passion into practice, being able to work with her family every day and giving back. She believes that everyone should be treated equally in life and at work and this is integral to who she is as a person.
Diem’s top piece of business advice? If you believe in something and there is a mountain to climb in order to reach success – keep going, be determined and follow your heart.
Diem is honoured to be supporting Global Sisters as the work is close to her heart and reminds her of her own life journey. She wants to offer all the advice and mentorship she can to those who need it.