Amanda Nathaniel

Membership Services

Amanda is a dynamic professional with a proven track record of over two decades in empowering individuals and driving positive change across community services, education, and business sectors. Her career reflects a deep commitment to innovation, impact, and excellence.

With a strong foundation in education, Amanda has spearheaded marketing and student engagement initiatives at institutions both in Australia and overseas. Her international engagement expertise includes managing international programs and cultivating partnerships with global stakeholders. She has also worked on specialised programs aimed at helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds and marginalised communities, further demonstrating her commitment to inclusivity and empowerment.

Amanda’s passion for supporting women in business was exemplified through working for an organisation that aimed to empower and support women to achieve in business. In her role, she cultivated strong relationships with members and stakeholders, and developed strategies that significantly enhanced engagement and growth.

In recent years, Amanda embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, founding and overseeing the growth of her own successful small business. This experience provided her with firsthand insights into the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship.

Amanda’s exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, adept project management abilities, and keen business acumen set her apart. Her proactive approach, combined with her passion for empowering individuals, makes her a valuable asset in driving meaningful impact.