Alex Riggs


Alex Riggs has always loved working in design and with colour and fabrics. Her background in screen printing and product development for major brands helped to set her up with core skills for her career, but she always felt driven to use her personal creativity to start her own business.
12 years ago in Sydney, Alex launched Oobi, the boutique childrenswear and accessories label. It all started when Alex took a pitch at Glebe market with a small design range for children. The range was an instant sell out and that was the spark for bigger things to come.
For Alex, the great thing about being her own boss is steering the business and her staff in a direction that supports her ethical position. This has allowed her to dedicate significant time, resources and creative input to supporting charitable works, NGOs and special needs kids. It is this ethos which led Alex to become a Global Sisters Ambassador.
Feeling part of a world beyond the brand and their customers is an integral part of driving Oobi for Alex and her staff. The Oobi ethos is about making people happy and this is reflected in their fun and happy designs, great customer service, events and the community.
In her spare time, Alex loves to travel and her trips overseas inspire much of her creativity, such as trips to flea markets where she finds retro clothing and design books.
Her favourite inspirational quote is ‘I Have a Dream’ by Martin Luther King,
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