Welcome to the Solo Mums in Business program by Global Sisters!

Whether you have an existing business or are just starting out your business journey, we have a comprehensive roadmap of programs and support designed specifically for you.

Solo Mums in Business Package

Startup Brand Workshop

Global Sisters will support you to create your startup visual brand identity including:

  • Logo
  • Colours
  • Fonts
  • Social media template

Step 1.  Attend the Global Sisters workshop to develop your design brief for the graphic designers. By getting the brand brief right, you’ll be able to direct the designer to create a startup brand you love. 

Step 2. Create a Canva account by using THIS guide. 

Step 3. Submit your design brief to the graphic design agency, Green Fox Designs. If you are comfortable to create the brand brief independently you can fill it in HERE.

The design brief is then submitted to Green Fox Designs who will create your Startup Brand and deliver it to you within your Canva account so you own it and can take it forward in your business. 

Important note: this is completely free to Sisters in the Solo Mums program and worth over $500. It is limited to a “startup brand” pack listed above and will not involve options, modifications or additional work. This may not be your “forever brand” but we want to make sure that branding doesn’t hold up your business launch and are providing a solution that will give you a professional, basic brand that you can use to launch and start growing your business. If you want to do further work with Green Fox Studios you are most welcome to engage them at your own cost.