Global Sisters is driven to deliver innovative, impactful and sustainable support to women who want to become financially independent through business.

Our Social Impact program set out to track and measure change in the businesses and lives of our Sisters, specifically:

  • Are we creating the intended impact on her business acumen, enterprise and level of financial resilience?
  • What does financial independence and ‘standing tall’ through self-employment look like?
  • What is the “ripple effect” on family and community from a Sister becoming financially independent?

Global Sisters tracks each Sister’s journey over a course of 3 years, checking-in with her at 10 points to measure changes in our 5 impact domains (see diagram).

Measuring impact is critical for achieving our mission to support women to become financially independent and stand tall through business. We will use this data to drive change and improvements in our model and programs.

We also use this information to inspire our community, our #SisterTribe. We welcome you to join our community on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and sign up to our newsletter below to learn more.

Click here to read our Social Impact Report.