Social Impact

Global Sisters is driven to deliver innovative, impactful and sustainable support to women who want to become financially independent through business.

Our Social Impact program set out to track and measure change in the businesses and lives of our Sisters, specifically across six Impact Domains. Impact in these areas have a ripple effect that positively improves macro issues facing our society.

Global Sisters tracks each Sister’s journey over a course of 3+ years, checking-in with her at multiple points in our Roadmap. Measuring impact is critical to achieving our mission to support women to become financially independent and stand tall through business. We will use this data to drive change and improvements in our model and programs.

Since launching in 2016, Global Sisters has:

  • made business possible and increased economic participation for women across Australia  
  • provided a genuine alternative to welfare or unstable employment for thousands of women nationwide, including those in urban, regional and remote communities 
  • supported women who are unemployed, underemployed or struggling to keep an existing business open, with a special focus on single mothers and older women
  • helped to create hundreds of new jobs, providing access to flexible and decent work 
  • helped to increase incomes and financial resilience of women 
  • built confidence and raised up women leaders 
  • transferred millions of dollars of value of pro bono support from the corporate and business sector to our Sisters.

Click here to read our Social Impact Report.

To learn more about social impact at Global Sisters please visit our dedicated Social Impact platform.