Zura Nur Gurung created Happy Crumbs in December 2018 so she could do what she loves doing and to make others happy buying her unique products. Offering cupcakes with a difference: Asian inspired and seasonal flavours, with signature tastes such as Pandan and Miso Caramel, along with orange, lemon and berry flavours when those fruits are in season. The unusual flavours of her cupcakes make her produce special, as she says, “You can’t just walk into any cupcake shop and get a Pandan cupcake. It’s usually vanilla or chocolate.”

A self-described perfectionist, Zura moved to Australia from Malaysia in 2004. When she’s not baking, she’s keeping fit cycling or ice-skating. She says starting her business has given her more confidence. She intends to sell at stalls and to cafes to begin with and eventually reach a point where she can open her own small café and make a sustainable living from her business.

It’s important to Zura to be a member of Sister Tribe as she can surround herself with other women operating small businesses, hear about their challenges, share ideas, and give and receive support when needed.

Happy Crumbs cupcakes are produced in a council registered kitchen in Preston. Her cupcakes can be baked to order. Find Happy Crumbs cupcakes via Facebook and Instagram.