The Possibility Project is the resulting brilliance of two mothers, Kath Davis and Kim Pearce, recognising in each other the spark of inspiration and the flame of determination to be a force for positive change. Both have a passion for helping women realise their inner worth, and a deep belief that every person deserves to live with dignity.

Together Kim and Kath have nurtured The Possibility Project from their home base in Sydney since 2013, travelling together to India to bring their ideas to life. Not long after they met, Kim invited Kath to visit Jaipur, India, with her, and with that momentous decision, they embarked on a journey that has had an amazing impact – both on the women they engage with in the slums of Jaipur, and on each other.

They have worked with I-India to bring vocational training programs to the slums of Jaipur, where women can come together to form a supportive community where they can develop skills such as wood block printing and stitching. These women are then able to earn an income creating The Possibility Project’s designs – from beautifully block printed baby wraps (available in The Market) to dresses made with upcycled saris to traditional silk knotted beads.

The women who take part in their programs are also introduced to a different way of thinking – Kim and Kath are fierce believers in seeing the true worth of each soul they meet, and they work to turn mindsets of scarcity towards entrepreneurial creativity. They believe that once this mindset of possibility is adopted, creativity and self-belief lead people to find the value in everything and everyone around them.

“Once you start valuing your gifts, you will create change”