Shevaun Steffens’ business, Wellness.Tools brings her passions, training and skills together to offer products for mental and physical wellbeing. Shevaun is passionate about holistic approaches to healthcare and believes that it’s important to lead a life free of preservatives and complex chemicals. Growing up in a large scale agriculture community on a small crops farm, taught Shevaun the ways of man vs nature, including weather prediction, cycles, chemicals and how these can coincide with mood and general health. Shevaun suffered a back injury as a child and became fascinated with alternative healing and wanted to grow up to be a chiropractor. While studying her second preference, psychology at university, she returned frequently to the country to care for family members suffering from cancer. Shevaun has lost many friends and family due to cancer and mental illness, which led to health challenges of her own.

In her recovery, Shevaun noticed that a well rounded wellness toolbox (self-care package) is equally as important as a well stocked First Aid Kit. In hospital people often bring flowers and cards and Shevaun noticed others having allergies to the flowers and came up with a plan to design a website where you could select a variety of gifts to make up a box of tools that strengthen and enhance resilience.

After completing a Wellness Recovery program and qualifications in Mental Health, Shevaun discovered the positive effects of essential oils, meditation, exercise and rituals on health and wellbeing. Shevaun creates Wellness Toolboxes containing wellness words & journals, essential oils, crystal wearables, candles and chakra meditation tools, all handmade in Australia using non-toxic materials as tools that strengthen and enhance resilience and wellbeing.

She hosts support groups with Wesley Mission, BrookRed and the Prince Charles Hospital.

Find her wellness products and gifts at local markets, the Shopify shop linked below, Etsy, Facebook and Instagram. Shevaun is pitching to local stores and Wellness Tools should be accessed on the Global Sisters Market Place, promoting select handmade wearable wellness items and her online store.