Sandra Nuggett is a member of the Walmajarri community, traditionally the community based itself in the Great South Desert of northern West Australia. Today the Walmajarri people live in small communities from Mulan in the north, to the Fitzroy River and Bidjadanga in the south Kimberley. Sandra spends most of her time living mostly in Bunuba Country near the Tunnel Creek.

The Kimberly is renowned for its unique Boab trees and the carving of the nut has always been revered in Aboriginal communities. The Boab nuts are only available for a few months after the wet season. It is during this time that Sandra – with her expert understanding of the Boab trees – will collect and carve.

Over a few days, Sandra will use only a pocket knife, carving what she observes from her surroundings into the nut. Every nut has unique and beautifully crafted images – a snap shot in Kimberley time.