Rouba was born in a village in Syria surrounded by the green hills in which her name draws inspiration from. She migrated to Australia in 2009 and now lives with her family in Canberra, ACT. She misses her family back in Syria, and the country of her birth, but is excited to be starting out in her own business.

Rouba loves to create, and has always found joy in making and sewing beautiful things. Sharing the joy that is stitched into each and every creation underpins the foundation of Little Kyootie.

Deeply embedded in Rouba is a strong belief in the importance of working and earning a living – of being productive and helping to support herself and her family, and she is happy to be combining this sense of purpose with her crafting skills in her new business.

Through her “small and cute” creations Rouba hopes to both support her family and spread happiness to everyone who buys her lovingly crafted handmade products – “If mothers are happy, children are happy”.

Rouba found her way to a Global Sisters business taster event in Canberra.  The workshop helped her clarify her business idea and reinvigorated her resolve to make it a reality.