Roji Bhattarai’s business name, Nepali Mitho Momo, means ‘yummy Nepalese momos’. Roji’s momos are special because they’re vegetarian and made from a recipe taught to Roji by her own mother. The momos are made with fresh products with a range of different vegetarian fillings and special spices.  She also plans to expand her business by making her momo available frozen and by holding momo cooking classes.

Roji first realised her business idea could work when she sold her homemade momos at a fundraiser in Brisbane. The fundraiser raised money for education of orphans in her home country of Nepal. Things went very well at the stall and Roji started out in business.  But soon after her three year old daughter developed cancer and was ill for 7 years so Roji’s plans were put on hold. Roji’s daughter sadly passed away 7 years ago and now Roji is determined to try again. She wants to help other parents going through the same thing. “This is the way I can help others because I know what it is like,” she says.

Now living in Canberra, Roji already has an outlet lined up where she will offer her momos, the Food Co-op Shop and Cafe. Roji loves to cook and helping others comes naturally to her. She says Global Sisters has helped her with every step of her business. “It is nice to be with other women who are also starting businesses, and helping each other.”