Raven + Lily is an ethical fashion and lifestyle brand that aims to help break the cycle of poverty through fair trade and long term employment of women in economically challenged countries.

Founded in 2008 by Kirsten Dickerson, Raven + Lily combines Kirsten’s two great passions – fashion and social justice. With a history including art direction and wardrobe styling, Kirsten had the experience and creativity to match her ambition and compassion, transforming Raven + Lily from an idea into a thriving social enterprise.

Over 1500 marginalised female artisans from Pakistan, India, Ethiopia Cambodia, Kenya and Peru are employed in partnerships with Raven + Lily, providing safe work spaces, sustainable income, access to healthcare and education for themselves and their families as well as the heart-lifting return of dignity to at-risk women.

Through the blending of age old traditional skills, modern designs and unique cultural flavours, a beautiful range of products that moves both the heart and the mind have been created.

Raven + Lily is proud to be a certified Benefit Corporation, and were named the Best for the World in Community Impact in both 2014 and 2016.

“Designs that reflect the beauty, culture and diversity of women around the world”