While Pamela is fortunate to have a supportive family, feeling like she wanted to contribute financially to the household drove her decisions to start up her business in 2015.

After moving to Australia from Chile for the first time in 1996, Pamela missed her homeland and family a lot. To help maintain her connection to her culture, she began making jewellery items using an intricate stitching technique she learned from an artist in Peru.

But in 2015, after launching her business on her own, Pamela reached a crossroad and was considering giving her business up. She was spending a lot of money on expenses, not finding much success in sales, and was starting to doubt her skills.

Luckily, an inspiring trip to Bali – where she discovered new motivation, materials and techniques – as well as finding Global Sisters, changed everything.

With the support of her mentors and Sister Tribe, Pamela says she feels secure, supported, and not alone in this complicated world of business.

For the first time in her life, Pamela says she feels like she is working for herself – not for others – which is both exciting and a little scary. But she’s delighted to be continuously learning and feeling productive again, and to see her little business grow and thrive.