Monique Sinclaire operates her business using her own name. She is launching on the 10th of December 2018, which is significant to her because on this day in 1982, she emigrated with her family from the Netherlands to Australia. Her business also signifies a new chapter in her life.

Monique provides online confidence coaching for introverts. She aims to empower and support women to be the best version of themselves, because “not being who you want to be can be one of the most destructive ways to live life, and many women allow lack of confidence to stop them”. Through her coaching, mentoring and group programs, Monique wants to generate a sustainable income through making a positive difference to the lives of women.

The unique aspect of Monique’s business is her focus on introverted women, something she says she has not yet found in confidence coaching programs. “Confidence programs can be quite confronting for introverts,” she says. “I have a gentle approach but am still very good at calling BS and providing accountability, so my clients can move forward.”

Based in Beenleigh, Queensland, Monique values being a member of Sister Tribe because she can connect with other Sisters in person when she’s able to, and online when she’s not.