While studying her  Bachelors degree in Food Science, Minerva realized her passion for food product development, and she dreamed to have her own food business one day, with the mission to have an impact on the way people eat by developing healthy and delicious products. After 15 years working in the food industry, moving from the USA to Australia, and having her first baby, she ended up without employment and she took this as an opportunity to make her dream come true and started her journey to develop healthy products.

When Sofia’s now 2-year-old daughter was born, she was detected to have an allergy to cow’s milk and soy, the medical professionals recommended that her daughter stay away from any foods containing these allergens. When that happened Minerva realized how difficult it was to find a product with no allergens, but equally difficult to find a healthy sweet snack and this is how MINJUMS FOODS was born. 

MINJUMS sweet spreadable dips are plant-based, made with wholesome ingredients such as lentils, fruits and vegetables, and have no added sugars, additives or artificial ingredients. The three delicious Raspberry, Cocoa and Chai spreadable dips are perfect on toast on your way to work, kid’s afternoon tea, as a healthy alternative of a sweet dip, as an accompaniment for a cheese board, or just on a spoon!

Originally from Mexico, Minerva came to Australia in 2016 and started selling her products in June 2019. Her passion is combining ingredients to create something unique and healthy. She believes her products will soon be popular. “I am a dreamer and I always dream big,” she says. “I really want to be selling my product around the world in the future, to be in the big supermarkets or where people can easily buy my products.” 

Minerva says she loves being part of the Sister Tribe community. “I love learning about different cultures and enjoy hearing about the successes of other Sisters.” 

Currently she’s offering MINJUMS sweet spreadable dips at local and farmers markets.