Having worked since she was a 12-years-old, Michaela Skelly is putting her finely-tuned organisational skills into her business, Super M Press, a one stop publishing studio.

Her background in publishing means Michaela knows every stage of pulling a publishing project together. Whether it’s a non-fiction book, a training manual, an annual report or an e-marketing book, she manages the project herself, hiring freelancers like editors, proof-readers, photographers, designers and illustrators when she needs them.

“My sub-contractors are mainly women who work from home because they’re mothers or because they’re sick of the rat-race, just like me,” Michaela says. “I work with a team of people I choose because they’re great at what they do, and I like and trust them.” Super M’s services are mainly provided online and she hopes one day to open a studio with freelancers working in-house.

Michaela reckons Sister School has given her the confidence to put her business out there. “Sister School was a great opportunity to meet other women all starting the same journey as me. Being a part of the Sister Tribe enables me to share in the successes of all these women and be part of the supportive environment that is Global Sisters.”

The best thing about heading Super M Press is that Michaela can be herself: “I get to work in a non-corporate manner and can keep the hours that suit the project.”