Maya Sonji is driven to make the world a healthier place – her business Drop20deals – which she started in 2017 provides online access to fitness and health related opportunities.

Drop20deals is an online platform connecting people and businesses with enterprises in the health and fitness industries offering value deals.

Maya says that her business name, Drop20deals, can mean different things to different people. “People who are already in the health and fitness industry will see it as ‘drop and give me 20 push-ups,’ she explains. “Those who are looking to lose weight will relate it to dropping 20kgs or 20 lbs, and those who love a bargain will relate it to drop $20 or drop 20%.”

Sydney-based Maya is determined to stay current in the world of health and fitness. She has a background in martial arts and athletics, and a strong belief that good health is the key to quality of life. She wants to make access to better health at better value widely available via her online platform – ‘a professionally presented website with an easy and user-friendly interface’. Maya works with a web developer and a brand ambassador to get word about Drop20deals out, which she can do in French and Arabic as well as English.

Being a member of Sister Tribe, Maya reckons, is to be part of a supportive network, keeping the cycle of goodwill moving forward.