Maureen Regan describes her business, The Gut Shoppe, as a wellbeing/food business. She sells hot soups, Kombucha and other products at the Northside and Southside farmers’ markets in Canberra.

Maureen’s strong belief in the importance of natural healing through food drives her to share her knowledge and products as widely as she can. She started The Gut Shoppe in 2018. The name came from a thought-storming session with her family.

Maureen knows what she wants for her business: “One of my business goals is to generate a good income for myself and to be able to have some time off and to train assistants. Another goal is to offer good quality health products to my customers and yet another is to offer workshops in which I share and demonstrate the power of food to heal, kitchen pharmacy type of thing!” . Her studies in macrobiotics have given her the knowledge base she uses in work and in life. Maureen is passionate about the importance of good food, especially fermented food, when it comes to gut health.
Maureen says Sister Tribe offers her company and education. “I love being in the company of other women. Being part of a group that’s committed to business development is great, as it can get quite lonely.”

Maureen says that growing her business and seeing positive results in her customers’ health as a result of taking her products is ‘a dream come true’.