Matr Boomie is a Fair Trade company founded in the US with the goal of alleviating poverty in rural India by utilising the craft skills of locals. Matr Boomie works with grassroots organizations to transform unskilled women and men into master artisans, with a focus on ethical and sustainable business practice.

Husband and wife team Manish and Ruchi Gupta started Matr Boomie from their apartment in Austin, Texas. Back in India, Manish’s mother and sister established a team to guarantee clear, efficient communications and high-quality production. Twelve years on Matr Boomie sells to 1500 leading retailers in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia, such as US companies Ben & Jerry’s, Coldwater Creek, Disney, Home Goods, National Geographic, Smithsonian, and Whole Foods.

By purchasing items from Matr Boomie’s collection of homeware, jewellery, fashion items and accessories, you’re contributing towards bettering the lives of over 20, 000 makers in India. Not only does Matr Boomie ensure its workers are paid fair wages, the company also invests in development projects, healthcare, education, skills training, loan programs, and scholarships for women, minorities, and people with special needs.

In 2018, Matr Boomie was awarded the People & Planet Award from Green America. This award is given to small businesses who show dedication to a green economy and worker empowerment.