When you say ‘copywriter’ not many people understand what that is – it means Liza writes words that sell. Whenever you use words to get your business noticed, whether it’s an ad, a brochure, a script for a video, pages on your website, a power point presentation, your social media profiles, a blog post or even an e–book, that’s the sort of writing she does.

Like many creative people, Liza wrote stories and plays as a child, when she wasn’t drawing pictures, that is. The English language is one of her great loves; she used to teach English as a Second Language, she’s taught creative writing and worked as a journalist and reviewer. Every day finds her writing something, whether it’s for a professional project or a personal one.

Because she couldn’t choose between a business as a freelance writer or a freelance illustrator, she decided to combine them in one enterprise. Using words to tell stories, sell good things and help create positive change in the world is what she wants to do. And if she can draw you a cute little image or cartoon to go with it, even better.

Her business idea came from her need to use her creative storytelling and drawing skills in a practical way to help herself and other women succeed. Her background in writing for performance means she knows how to highlight the best bits of your story to make your business or service sound brilliant.

Liza is keen to work with sustainable and ethical enterprises such as not for profits and non-government organisations, especially businesses driven by women. She wants to see everyone in the Global Sisters community support each other, communicate our visions for our businesses and grow in every way – as women and as entrepreneurs.