Established in 2017, bVitra is Lila Bate’s response to finding out how so many commercial bath and body care products, toiletries like bath bombs, for instance are full of toxic and synthetic ingredients. She decided to create bath and body products that are good for health and wellness, and which also target arthritis, muscle aches and pains. Her focus is on developing product blends using natural ingredients either backed with approved clinical data or which have a history of traditional use for relief of muscle aches and pains, arthritis and skin issues.

bVitra is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Pavitra” meaning pure. The bVitra products are packaged in bio degradable bags, recyclable and reusable packaging.  “Everything we do at bVitra revolves around what we believe is best for humans, animals and the environment,” says Lila. “My goal is to offer 100% natural products as an alternative to conventional products.” She also aims to educate people on natural alternatives to use for pain management, sleep aid, relaxation and calming. At present she offers body soaks, bath balls, foot soaks, massage oils and face spritzers. Hand and body creams are in testing phase. bVitra is based in NSW. Lila sells her products via her website and resellers.

Lila says she feels blessed to be a part of Sister Tribe: “Global Sisters are Sisters in action and not just in name.”