Most of us can relate to finding happiness and satisfaction in a crunchy fresh pastry or delicious French dessert – but for Kazumi Rotapel, these sweet treats offer much more, including the chance to fulfil her dreams and achieve financial independence.

For more than a decade, baking has been Kazumi’s passion. She still sources ingredients from old friends and family, and over time, has begun to infuse different flavours from France and her Japanese heritage.

After migrating from Japan, Kazumi struggled to settle and find independence in her new home country. Relying on her baking skills gave her the focus, opportunity and confidence to find new friends and begin building her new life.

At the same time, as members of her family have faced challenges and disabilities, Kazumi has become more driven by a social purpose and the desire to provide opportunities to young people struggling to find a place in the traditional job market.

Kazumi’s husband and mother in law both eat very healthy, they too inspired Kazumi to create sweets for people who are health concious such as raw sweets and Japanese Macrobiotic vegan sweets.

Out of this innovation and determination, Kazumi’s Sweets n Treats was born, creating beautiful, exotic and delicious sweets and treats!

While Kazumi’s Sweets ‘n’ Treats are currently available at markets, festivals and events throughout Melbourne, she hopes to soon be able to supply restaurants, cafes and hotels for high teas, parties and corporate functions.