Nom Design, offering polymer clay accessories, was started in 2017 by Kanako Nomura because she likes making accessories. Nom called the business after herself. Her business goals include simply carrying on doing what she enjoys. “I think there is meaning in continuing that,” she says, adding that she wants to continue to challenge herself to ‘new things’. Nom says that being a member of Sister Tribe gives her motivation.

Originally from Japan, Kanako is based in Melbourne, sharing her life with her husband and her cat. When she’s not creating her accessories or playing with her cat, she loves to eat out at cafes and go out for dinner. She’s been in Australia since 2011 when she arrived on a working holiday. She misses Japanese food and her friends and family. She has the simple goal of wanting to live happily.

You can find her products at the Global Sisters Space 2b. in Balaclava.