Jo-Jo is originally from West Africa but now lives in Australia. She misses the noise and activity of her home country – so much noise! – but is now kept very busy with her business in Sydney, as she continues to grow it and employ more people. As an asylum seeker to the country, she is especially keen to work with those who have been through similar challenges to the ones she’s faced.

Prosperity Cleaning is very much a family business. It is run by business owner Jo-Jo and her son, and named after Jo-Jo’s daughter. Its mission is to help clean people’s homes and spaces, using the highest quality products. As part of this, Jo-Jo ensures they’re always cleaning with non-toxic products that have the least amount of effect on those around them. Based in Sydney, with a focus on the inner-west and western Sydney, their true goal is to help others, especially those facing similar challenges to the ones she’s faced.