Queensland based Jessica Hughes, mum of three and founder of Jams For A Cause isn’t only an entrepreneur, she’s a registered nurse, a chef and community leader – all things which, in one respect or another, have come together in her business idea.

Jams For A Cause is a seasonal range of jams, relishes and chutneys sold locally to cafes and community outlets. Profits will be funnelled into community projects while raising awareness of people doing it tough. Jessica founded Jams For A Cause because she believes that everyone deserves a hand up when they need it, no matter where they have come from.  “I want to create a business in hospitality that allows me to put profits back into the community,” she says.

It was while attending Sister School that Jessica realised how she could make a start on a business idea she’d had for a long time: “I have had this dream for many, many years, but no short-term plan as to how I could build my dream,” she says. “During Sister School I could see where I could start now and now I have a plan and have a business, too.”

Jessica is driven by the need to raise funds for a mobile food van to allow her to ‘go where needed’. “Somewhere anyone experiencing a rough trot can come in to, have a feed and have the wounds of living rough looked after by someone with experience.”

In the meantime, she’s on track to start selling her jams and chutneys at markets and taking on wholesale clients well before Christmas.