Jannike was born in New Zealand, and has a rich Pacific heritage that is a combination of Samoan and Maori descent. She arrived in Australia at the age of 6 when her family moved across the Tasman Sea (or Te Tai-o-Rehua in the Maori native tongue) from New Zealand.

Jannike has always loved the creative arts, being involved in singing, dancing and acting from a young age. Jannike combined her creative talents with her energy and drive to become the Founder and Director of her own successful Events Management company, and then followed that up by Launching Pacific Runway in 2012. Pacific Runway is an annual runway show that showcases the talents of Pacific creatives – from fashion designers to Hairstylists to MCs – and shares their amazing and culturally rich artistry with the world. Jannike loves seeing fellow Pacific people working together and shining in their different elements – she says of her job  “It’s hard work yet satisfying”.

Although she misses the crisp air, the beautiful landscape and “of course” the bakeries of New Zealand, Jannike is passionate about her work, supporting and promoting other people of Pacific descent. She is full of determination, energy and motivation to continue building on the success of Pacific Runway, one day taking it global.

Global Sisters and Jannike connected through our community partnership with NSWCPC (New South Wales Council for Pacific Communities). NSWCPC works with people of Pacific Heritage, providing support in many areas including education and employment, youth, culture and heritage, art, health and more.

“I love seeing women who really lift each other up and help others.” – Jannike