Jamie Brown has faced many obstacles to happiness throughout her life. After battling depression Jamie learned to retrain her mind with positive psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness practices.

Now all this lived experience brings a unique and valuable perspective to her work as a trainer and coach, helping people overcome their own mental health and wellbeing challenges.

With the support and guidance of her Global Sisters Tribe, she’s working to achieve greater professional recognition of positive psychology and to share her message of wellbeing and empowerment with those who need it.

Based on her Happiness Ninja principles, Jamie wants to create a government accredited version of her program that can be implemented into the school curriculum. She also has a vision of opening a huge wellbeing centre that doubles as a training centre and accommodation facility for homeless/disadvantaged people.

Jamie’s dream is to earn the financial freedom that will allow her to live her life, travel the world and to experience other cultures at the same time as contributing to a better world and helping people overcome adversity.