Being gluten intolerant meant Jaime Poutapu became increasingly conscious of healthy eating and the need to choose products with quality ingredients. With her friend Amber she established Mindful Sweets in 2016, selling cakes and slices which are free of gluten, refined sugar and dairy, using only whole-food ingredients.

“We love sweets just as much as the next person, so we want to show people that you can have the sweets you enjoy without the added junk and most importantly, without the guilt!” says Jaime. “Customers are so surprised at how good our products taste after they learn what they are made of.”

Jaime believes that good gut health makes for good mental health. She wants to educate people about how important healthy is for your physical and mental well-being and all-round quality of life.

Jaime is a New Zealander from a Māori background. Jaime moved to Australia with her husband and children in 2011, and although she has her family around her, she misses the Māori culture of New Zealand.

Jaime reckons the best thing about Sister Tribe is making friends with the other Sisters: “Being part of the Sister Tribe makes you feel like you’re not alone and you have your own personal cheerleaders!! Most importantly, as women, we not only want personal success, we want success for our children, families and the whole community.”

Mindful Sweets is a home-based business in based in Logan, Queensland. Jaime and Amber source what they need for Mindful Sweets from local producers wherever possible.