Ita Andehui Lopez was born in Mexico City and migrated to Australia 18 years ago.

Soon after settling in Melbourne she learnt how to cook. Once she had her two daughters she became aware of the importance of passing on Mexican culture to her children. What better way to do that than through food and language?

So Ita threw herself into learning all about Mexican cooking. After mastering a few dishes, she shared them with friends and school teachers then decided to offer her goodies to the rest of Melbourne by selling authentic traditional Mexican Salsas.

Ita comes from a design and construction background so she had no idea about how to start a food manufacturing business. Luckily, due to training with the Stepping Stones program and the coaching she got from Global Sisters, Ita has managed to find her way through the complex process of setting up a business. She says she’s had fantastic advice about marketing from her mentor and through the accelerator program.

After all this experience Ita feels she has all the tools to create a successful business –Salsitas – which she will launch in the next few months.