Houda Jebeile has lived all over the world: in Ghana, Egypt, Lebanon, Germany, England, Ivory Coast, Australia and Algeria. Right now, home is Sydney where she lives with her two children.

Two years ago, concerned about the damage plastic is doing to the planet, Houda decided to do something about it and began a new enterprise, Leave ECO Prints, providing hand-made, home-made, mono-printed tote/shopping bags – “a pretty alternative to plastic bags.”

Her timing for Leave Eco Prints couldn’t be better now that big supermarkets are fading out plastic bags. Houda’s passion is for observing nature and the bags feature designs using prints of real leaves she finds around her area.

Houda’s dream is to see her business expanding to include other makers. “I want to collaborate with other local sole traders (working from home or similar) in the making and designing of artistic and practical tote/ shopping bags, and to provide variety in design, quality and quantity,” she says.

“The simplicity of the bags will be an opportunity for small producers – mothers, carers, sewers, art students and people with other abilities – to work independently, at their own pace and collectively be able to offer affordable and competitive bags and gift items.”

Houda describes her connection with the community of Sister Tribe as ‘love at first sight’. “I was looking for a collaboration between sisters to overcome the limitations we often find ourselves facing. Sister Tribe fits the vision.”

Houda’s name means Divine Gift in Arabic. “I take it as a cue for me to do my part in giving back to the Gift of Life,” she says.

Houda sells her bags every Sunday at Addison Road Organic Food Sunday Market.