Originally from the US, Brisbane-based Hollie Johnson came to Australia after living in China. Her business is Punk Nouveau Therapy, offering a variety of alternative healing modalities to deal with a wide range of issues, from allergies to trauma to dyslexia to pain management.

Hollie says she is passionate about human rights, spreading love and education, helping others. For her, healing is based in personal authenticity. As she puts it – “becoming confident in my purpose and speaking my truth.” Hollie uses her own experience of overcoming depression and the work she’s done on herself through therapy and travels to inform her practice. Hollie says she ‘works from the heart’. “I have gratefully received love and guidance on my journey,” she adds. “Channelling that into my therapeutic practice, I share my gifts with people and help them find their feet in their own healing journey.”

Hollie has trained in both massage (remedial and postural facilitation methods) and sports kinesiology. Her focus is channeled into more specific treatments known as Spinopractic Massage and Hyperton-X which Punk Nouveau offers along with Allergy correction and Mind/Body support.

You can see Hollie for a treatment at her office Norman Park, Queensland, or off-site as needed.

Through her business, Hollie aims to provide herself and her two sons with a rich and sustainable life.