Meet Holla & Santa, the fabulous young women behind Wild by Soulexplor3r. Through participating in the Global Sisters GLO Youth Challenge, they identified a need in the community for natural beauty and hair products, specifically for African hair and skin. They are on a mission to see young Australian women of African descent embrace their natural beauty, rather than hiding it under synthetic wigs and damaging their hair with chemical products.

Santa and Holla are originally from South Sudan & Uganda, and grew up in western Sydney. Whilst Holla is studying, Santa is searching for part-time employment. Both young women believe in creating their own jobs and solving social issues through entrepreneurship.

After attending GLO, they commenced R&D and product development of their initial range of natural face masks, body scrubs and silk hair wraps. Global Sisters supported Santa and Holla to market test their product range at a Sharing Circle – an opportunity Global Sisters creates for Sisters to soft launch their business in a safe, ‘testing’ environment and receive valuable customer feedback.

“The sharing Circle had given me my first taste of the potential my business has. It connected me to like minded people and really motivated me to keep moving…I think it was that very moment that I realised it was more than just a hobby.” said Holla.