Originally from Pakistan, Hajra Akber came to Australia in 1982 as an infant on her mother’s lap. Her business, El Bamal offers cotton net bags, honey, and  ‘nearly natural’ nail polishes. 

Wanting to do something for the future of her family and also wanting to see people move away from using plastic bags, three months ago Hajra decided to start up her own enterprise.  

As a child Hajra lived in the Kakadu region. “I love this beautiful land and place I call home,” Hajra says. Her business name is inspired by nature. ‘El’ is the Arabic word for ‘the’ and ‘bamal’ means earth in a local Aboriginal language (now known as the Sydney Language). 

Hajra is basing her business process around the number three – El Bamal offers three products, Hajra wants to work three days a week and make at least three dollars profit from each sale. 

Hajra says she wants to want to inspire women in her local community to believe in themselves and love what they do, something she experienced herself through being part of the Sister School community.

“Sisters Tribe came to me when I was at rock bottom,” she says. “In a few weeks it gave me a bit of self-confidence to give it a try,” she says.

Hajra sells her products at markets and aims to sell online and via Instagram, Shopify, Facebook, and to her community and friends.